I'm wondering if Searx could be used to self host a fediverse search engine.
It would require some kind of a plug-in for #Searx to start indexing #fediverse content while respecting noindex instance specification #search

You shouldn't have to edit files and deal with git merge conflicts to customize your instance.

Easily customize your instance and branding from the admin dashboard.

Available soon. #pixelfed

We overhauled comments, a new look and improved threading and federation support.

No more missed notifications or remote comments on your posts!

Available soon. #pixelfed

Built a linktree like service for the fediverse.

The beta will be rolling out later this week for pixelfed users, will open up for everyone in a few weeks.

#pixelfed #linkInBio #linktree

Server has been upgraded from an i3 9100 to a Ryzen 1700x. Feel good to have idle CPU usage drop from 24% to 1%...

Livestream for server upgrades either today or tomorrow stay tuned!

Kinda tempted to write a LinkedIn and Indeed application bot. Just automate the one click installs. Brute forcing job hunting with a bot seems totally reasonable

Tfw I stream on twitch for the first time in a while on a new account but forget to enable saving past broadcasts... *facedesk*

Got the Minecraft Forge server published to Cloudron!!! :D

For those downloading it, please consider throwing a donation the way of the fantastic maintainer at his Patreon here: patreon.com/LexManos


Jason Kenny is bad and anyone who supports him should feel bad. Fight me.

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